Hardware Security


JISA in association with Cavium HSM introduces HSM family provides a FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified solution that provides elastic and centralized key management and key operation functionality. With 32 partitioned HSMs in a single physical HSM, 100,000 key store independent of key size, 35,000 2048b RSA ops/sec and chaining of up to 20 Appliances, CN35XX family provides a solution that addresses requirements from few hundred RSA ops/sec or few key stores to 700K RSA ops/sec or 1M key store and everything in-between.

In order to enhance the security level for storing the Aadhaar numbers, it has been mandated that all AUAs/KUAs/Sub-AUAs and other business entities that are collecting and storing the Aadhaar number for specific purposes under the Aadhaar Act 2016, shall start using Reference Keys mapped to Aadhaar numbers through tokenization in all systems.

Aadhaar Data Vault

Asset Management System

Monitoring all the software and hardware purchases by your various teams usually means maintaining multiple repositories for IT tracking — a complex process. J- Asset Management makes it simple, with inventory management capabilities that help you track and evaluate all your IT assets in stock and in use, such as hardware, software, and other configuration items. This makes it easier to avoid loss and plan purchases, while taking into account up-to-date information on all your assets.